AlAgha Group

AlAgha Group

AlAgha Group continued its successes as follows: * In 1999, a factory was added to produce automatic washing machines and gas cookers with different models. * In 2001, a third factory was added, which produces modern models of refrigerators and upright freezers with different capacities and technologies. * In 2007, a fourth factory was added, where home water heaters, whether electric or gas, are produced in different models. * The number of employees in the Kiriazi Group of Companies is 28,000 workers The last three factories are located on Cairo-Belbeis Road in Obour City, with a covered area of ​​450,000 square metres square (four hundred and fifty thousand square metres).

* The company is currently installing the new factory to produce home air conditioners, whether window or split, according to the latest international technology, and production will begin during the year 2018.

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