AlAgha Group

The AlAgha Group of Companies is considered of great importance in the production of home appliances in Egypt and the Arab world. The AlAgha Group of Companies consists of four factories that produce home refrigerators and freezers, washing machine production lines, and other production lines for the production of gas cookers, as well as electric and gas water heaters. AlAgha Group of Companies offers home refrigerators – horizontal and vertical freezers, automatic washing machines and gas cookers. Our production is exported to many countries around the world. The AlAgha Group of Companies began its activity in the field of producing home appliances in 1985. The following.
Mr. Abdel Nasser Abdel Fattah Mohamed, known as Mohamed AlAgha Mr. Mahmoud Mohamed Hassan Mr. Al-Taher Ali Amin Agha Establishing the first factory to produce refrigerators in Qena Industrial City in 1995, where home refrigerators and deep freezers are produced.

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