Alexandrian and the professional and a great gang and me and my cousin January 4 Offer 



Written by: Laila Emam


On January 4, 4 films will be screened in cinemas at once, and Hakawy News will show you in this report the films that will be screened.

Alharifa Film 


The film will be screened on January 4 in cinemas, starring Nour Al-Nabawy, Khaled Al-Dhahabi, Ahmed Hossam Mido, Ahmed Ghazi, Nour Ehab, and the work is written by Iyad Saleh, directed by Raouf Al-Sayed, and produced by Tarek Al-Ganaini.


A number of sports stars will also star as guests of honour, including Jamal Hamza, Abdul Sattar Sabri and Amir Abdul Hamid.


Alexandrian film


Alexandrian film starring Ahmed Al-Awadi and Zeina, which is set in a social suspense and action framework.

My Cousin and I Movie 


On January 4, the audience will also watch in cinemas, the film Me and My Cousin, which revolves around a social comedy, starring Bayoumi Fouad, Sayed Ragab, Mimi Jamal, Hanadi Muhanna, Sarah Abdel Rahman, Jamil Barsoum and directed by Ahmed Saleh.


Bayoumi Fouad embodies the character of the owner of a turning workshop named Ismail, and his mother Mimi Gamal, while Sayed Ragab embodies the character of a businessman who lived abroad and returned to Egypt again, and with his return, Mimi Gamal begins to make a comparison between them, which generates comedic ironies, as will be collected by a comedic love story with Jamil Barsoum.

Great gang movie


On January 4, the audience will also be on a date with the film A Great Gang starring Esaad Younes, Karim Afifi, Mohamed Mahmoud, Farah Al-Zahid, and Anba, with a number of guests of honor, including Mohamed Tharwat and Arefa Abdel Rasoul, and the film is written by Hajar Al-Ibiari, directed by Wael Ihsan and produced by Esaad Younes.


The film revolves around a blind woman who embodies her character Esaad Younes, and decides to form a gang with her son Karim Afifi, who is developing

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